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Winding Wires

Winding Wires

Jayesh Cables , Jayesh Cable is India’s leading manufacturer company of winding wire for submersible pump motors. The company enjoys aneviable reputation as a quality manufacturer of submersible winding wire. Jayesh winding wire are manufactured in ian Ultra modern plan under strict quality control measures jayesh winding wire are insulated with a super for grade HP PVC compound to give it necessary electrical strength and resistance to abrasion. The copper conductor of required parity and conductivity is drawn and annealed to stringent high quality. Jayesh cables gives you the best quality of winding wire we manufacture wire & cables according to the special specific requirement of customers. After many years of experiences we have earned great name in manufacturer of wire and cable industries.

PVC Insulated winding wires are used as original equipment for winding of submersible pump motors. They are also used for rewinding of these motors. The special purpose PVC Insulation enable these wires to operate under water over long periods. The minimum insulation thickness is achieved through precision extrusion process so that insertion is statos slots is smooth and easy. Has also developed higher sizes with multi strand copper conductors for higher HP Pump motors for specialized applications such as de-watering, mining and naval pumps.

The conductor is solid/stranded and is manufactured from bright annealed 99.97% pure bare copper which offers low conductor resistance. These wire are insulated with a special tough grade PVC Compound formulated and manufactured in-house which is impervious to water oil, grease, acids etc. These wires are extruded on state of the art machines for concentric insulation. Each coli is put through quality checks and water immersion test for trouble free marathon performance. These wires conform to IS 8783 and have lower overall diameter.

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